We are more than your ordinary quilting shop. It’s a place that we hope you’ll consider as your ‘home away from home’, while enjoying our warm & friendly atmosphere.

While among friends, you will also be delighted by a wide variety of classes and activities, challenging you to learn new skills, try new artistry and master the entire quilting process. We will ensure that you get the designs, patterns, and quilts you desire, with the quality to match it. As soon as you set foot in our store, you’ll feel our passion and love for quilting. Our unique studio has an innovative team, with an endless array of imagination, knowledge and experience.

So please pull out those UFOs, WIPs, WIMMs, PIGS, WOMBATs, PhDs & TOADs (See definitions of these acronyms below) and have your projects completed. You’ll find that once you’ve finished your quilt, it can finally be enjoyed

UFO-Un-finished Object- something you stopped working on

WIP-Work-in-Progress- something you’re currently working on

WIMM-work-in-My-Mind- you haven’t started yet but want to

PIGS-Project-in-grocery-Sacks- you’ve completely stuffed it sway somewhere

WOMBAT-Waste of Material, Batting and Time

PhD- Degree in Project Half Done

TOAD-Trashed Objects Abandoned in Disgust

Treasured Tips

Photographing Quilts

When photographing quilts outdoors, ideally choose a
flat, vertical surface for your quilt to rest against
so that it will not move with the breeze and
look blurry in your photo.

Come to our shop

6400 NE Highway 99, Suite M
Vancouver, Washington 98665

Open 5 days a week, excluding major holidays and inventory day

9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

W’re closed on the following holidays:

Inventory – Our Inventory is usually the 1st Monday in December
(Please call ahead on Mondays after Thanksgiving)
Easter Sunday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
Early close on New Year’s Eve