Welcome to Quilted Treasures Studio in Vancouver

Welcome to Quilted Treasures Studio in Vancouver

Welcome to Quilted Treasures Studio in VancouverWelcome to Quilted Treasures Studio in VancouverWelcome to Quilted Treasures Studio in Vancouver

About Us

Welcome to Quilted Treasures!

  Welcome to Quilted Treasures Studio, where we are more than your ordinary quilting shop. It's a place that we hope you'll consider as your ‘home away from home', while enjoying our warm & friendly atmosphere, along with our ‘Free Sit ‘N Sew Sessions'.

While among friends, you will also be delighted by a wide variety of classes and activities, challenging you to learn new skills, try new artistry and master the entire quilting process. We will ensure that you get the designs, patterns, and quilts you desire, with the quality to match it. As soon as you set foot in our store, you'll feel our passion and love for quilting. Our unique studio has an innovative team, with an endless array of imagination, knowledge and experience.

So please pull out those UFOs, WIPs, WIMMs, PIGS, WOMBATs, PhDs & TOADs (See definitions of these acronyms below) and have your projects completed. You'll find that once you've finished your quilt, it can finally be enjoyed

  • UFO-Un-finished Object- something you stopped working on
  • WIP-Work-in-Progress- something you're currently working on
  • WIMM-work-in-My-Mind- you haven't started yet but want to
  • PIGS-Project-in-grocery-Sacks- you've completely stuffed it sway somewhere
  • WOMBAT-Waste of Material, Batting and Time
  • PhD- Degree in Project Half Done
  • TOAD-Trashed Objects Abandoned in Disgust

What's Going On

Current Deals

Current Deals

Current Deals


Block Gone Wrong Contest

Come to the store and purchase a bag, inside you will receive a 6.5 square of fabric.  Add fabrics to make a 12.5 block.  Return your block to the store and voting on the squares starts February 1st.


Open Sew

Current Deals

Current Deals


Come in and sew with us, bring your project maybe a friend and enjoy our classroom space.

Everything You Want to Know

Long Arm Services

Additional Services

Additional Services



We know that a lot of hard work goes into finishing a quality quilt top, so our number one goal is to complete your quilt top with beautiful quilting! We thank you for the opportunity in helping to make your quilt top a beautiful work of art! 



Our prices are based on the size of your quilt, and we charge by the square inch. To figure the square inch of your quilt top, measure the width and the length and multiply them together. That number will give you the total square inches of your quilt. Then multiply the total square inches by the type of quilting you request. For Example: A quilt that measures 60” x 72” = 4320” square inches X .02 (2 cents per square inch) = $86.40. We have 3 different categories that we charge for, by the square inch. * Minimum Quilting Charge of $40 and Minimum Custom Quilting Charge of $75 

- Simple Edge to Edge -


Simple edge to edge for your entire quilt. This is one pattern and one thread color over your whole quilt. The cost is .019 cent per square inch. * 

- Semi-Custom - 


Semi-Custom is the combination of a simple overall design with some kind of custom border, sashing or block design with one thread color. Cost varies from 3 cents up to 4 cents per square inch.*

- Custom -


Custom quilting prices vary and are determined on a case by case basis. Please call us for pricing.* 

* Minimum Quilting Charge of $45 and Minimum Custom Quilting Charge of $75 

*(Our pricing above, does not include batting and thread charges. Batting prices depend on the type and size of batting needed. Solid Thread charges are $1.50 per bobbin used, and Variegated Thread is $2.50 per bobbin used.)



Quality batting is available, and can be purchased from Quilted Treasures Studio 

· Warm & Natural

· Wool

· Bamboo

· Black

· White

Charge for seaming the batting is a $12 per seam. 


Most people usually provide the backing for us to use, however, if you don't have backing available, we can provide a backing to compliment your quilt top. We carry 108” wide backing fabric, providing you a seamless back at a lesser cost. Pricing will depend on the backing you select and the yardage. 

Your backing needs to be 4” wider and 4” longer than the quilt top. There is an additional charge for us ironing and seaming the back, or any other work necessary before quilting.



Since there are so many types and colors of thread to choose from, we will consult with you on what would work best and compliment your quilt top. Cost is $1.50 per bobbin for solid thread and $2.50 per bobbin for variegated thread. Additional charges apply for multiple thread colors on one quilt. 

For a typical quilt, thread charges are approximately $6-$8 for an overall Edge to Edge pattern using one color.


We have an extensive pantograph collection of over 2,000 different styles to choose from, and are continually adding to our collection. Please stop by the Studio to browse your options! 



· Our number one concern is for the proper care & safety of your quilt while in our shop. 

· Quilts can't be left at our shop without going through the check-in process.

Additional Services

Additional Services

Additional Services



The following 3 options are available--  

  • You provide the binding fabric, we make the binding and machine-sew on the front with mitered corners. Cost is .10 cents per linear inch.
  • You provide the binding fabric, and we make the binding, and machine-sew on the front corners and then hand-sew the binding on the back for .35 cents per linear inch.
  • Custom Binding – you would still provide the binding fabric, and we will make the binding and machine sew on the front with mitered corners, and provide other embellishments to the front and/or the back using piping, cording, double binding. Pricing is figured on a case by case basis.


If we are not handling the binding for your completed quit, we can trim them for you for a $12 fee. You let us know how you like it trimmed--either at the edge, or ¼” beyond the edge for batting fullness in your binding.  

Quilt Preparation

Quilt Preparation

Quilt Preparation


  • Your quilt top should be trimmed down to its final finished size. We will not cut or trim a quilt top.
  • Check to make sure that all seams are secure. You should stay stitch around your entire quilt to ensure that seams do not pull apart.
  • Use one safety pin to mark the top of your quilt.
  • Remove any excess threads as well as pins, buttons and other embellishments.
  • Your quilt top must lay flat. Measure your quilt top across the top, bottom & at the center. All 3 of these measurements should be the same. If not, there's a possibility that you will get puckering in your completed quilt.
  • Quilt top and backing fabric needs to be fully pressed, and all seams should also be pressed flat.
  • Quilt top must be clean and free of any odors.
  • Batting and backing must be at least 6” – 8” larger than the quilt top and backing must be square. Please see the diagram below.
  • Your quilt top and backing must be brought in as separate layers.


Quilt Preparation

Quilt Preparation



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